Fuck. Respectability. Politics.

Burn it to the fucking ground. 

I am actually so fucking disgusted 

holy. SHIT. I am absolutely LIVID.

this is so fucking disgusting I can’t even handle it jesus fucking christ

my blood has been boiling for days over the situation in Ferguson but this might have been the exact post that was enough to push me over the edge 

I would almost say it’s time for a revolution down there. A violent one.

(via ailsarr)

The guys at DDW really know what to look for in an artist <3 

Porches - Intimate

I’m no good at the city
you are very pretty
i’m just a ditz
won’t you kiss me on my hips

what if i’m not what you expect
what the heck
let’s get intimate
what the heck
i’m just a kid
won’t you kiss me til i’m dead